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  Parole and Probation
 How can I become a probation officer?
 How can I contact my local county probation department?
 How can I talk to a parole officer about a person on parole or post release supervision?
 How does an inmate get Parole in New York State?
 How does the Division of Parole supervise high-risk cases like sex offenders?
 How does the Division of Parole supervise parolees?
 I am a victim of a crime. How can I make my views known to the Parole Board?
 What does the Division of Parole do to protect Public safety?
 What happens when an offender violates his parole?
 What is Jenna's Law and how does that relate to the Division of Parole?
 What is the difference between probation and parole in New York State?
 What types of community corrections programs receive funding from New York State?
 Where can I find a list of community corrections programs located in New York State listed by county?
 Where can I get statistics representing activities performed by local probation departments?
 Where do I write to file an official complaint regarding a local probation officer, department or any Division of Probation and Correctional Alternatives funded community corrections program?
 Who is the Board of Parole, and how often do they meet?
  Recent Legislation
  Victim Services
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