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  Health > Disability Issues (Health)
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  Alcoholism / Substance Abuse Information
  Disability Issues (Health)
 Are there any efforts to make young people aware and sensitive to people with disabilities?
 Are there any programs making it possible for individuals with disabilities to own their own home?
 Can you provide some examples of best practices in programs, policies, or procedures in the mental hygiene system?
 How are services developed for individuals with mental retardation and developmental disabilities who live in New York State, and how are they organized?
 How can I obtain timely informed consent for major medical or dental treatment for a person with a mental disability who lives in or receives services from a facility or program licensed, operated, or funded by a state mental hygiene office?
 How many people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities are being served in New York State?
 I am a parent of an 18 year old with developmental disabilities. Must I become his/her guardian?
 I am concerned about the future of my child who has a developmental disability. How should I plan for his/her needs after I will no longer be available to protect or advocate for him/her?
 I believe a state-operated or licensed program serving people with mental disabilities is misusing funds or committing fiscal fraud. Where can I report this?
 I have a complaint about the care and treatment at a New York State-operated or licensed facility or program for people with mental disabilities. What should I do?
 I have special needs, how can the New York State Public Service Commission help me?
 If I have a disability, can I automatically receive services?
 Is there a speakers bureau where an agency or consumer/parent group could call on speakers to address legal, civil rights, life planning, investigative, and fiscal issues related to care and treatment of individuals with disabilities?
 My relative recently died. (S)he was receiving services from a mental health or mental retardation and developmental disabilities program. How can I be sure that (s)he received appropriate medical care before his/her death?
 What are developmental disabilities?
 What is the individualized service environment?
 What services are offered for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities in New York State, and how can I find them?
 What services does New York State provide to those who are visually impaired?
 Where can I find a listing of programs and services for persons with developmental disabilities in New York State?
 Where can I find information on long term care to help me plan ahead should I ever become incapacitated?
 Where can I get information and forms regarding health care proxies and mental health care advance directives to plan for health and/or mental health care decision-making?
 Where can I obtain protection and advocacy legal or technical assistance regarding rights and services for people with disabilities?
 Where can parents find help for their toddler who does not seem to be developing the way he or she should ?
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