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    Agency Listing (State Agencies)
 Contact Information for State Agencies
  Contracting with New York State
  Freedom of Information Law (FOIL)
  Funding Programs
  Information for Government Entities
  Local Government Information
  State Government
 Are all cemeteries regulated by the State of New York?
 As a state employee, am I required to report corruption to the Office of the State Inspector General?
 Does the Office of the State Inspector General make its findings available to the public?
 How are salaries for State Employees determined?
 How can I find the names of my New York State legislators?
 How do I search for telephone numbers if I know the type of service but not the NY State agency that provides the service?
 I am a State employee. What determines which union I belong to?
 I belong to the New York State Employees' Retirement Plan. Does New York State have a supplementary retirement plan like a 401(k)?
 I need to do some legal research. Where can I find a public law library in New York?
 Is there a central location that shows vacant positions in New York State agencies?
 Is there a clearinghouse for work related information for New York State Employees?
 What can I do if I become aware of possible misconduct by an employee of New York State government, or someone with doing business with New York State?
 What is New York State's Policy on Web Site Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities?
 What is the New York State Cemetery Board, and what are its functions?
 What is the State doing to enable e-commerce/e-government - what can I do online?
 When making an Agency’s technology procurement, when do I need to file a Notice of Intent to Purchase?
 When should an Executive Agency file an Intent to Purchase with the Office for Technology?
 Where can I find information about registered lobbyists, clients and public corporations in New York State?
 Where can I find New York State rules and regulations online?
  Voting / Elections
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