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Question If I want to access services, am I limited to services provided by the State of New York, or are there other options?

Answer In New York State, there are many options available for services and supports for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities. The service system is built upon an integrated partnership with voluntary providers, parents, professional staff, advocates, friends, and others. These non-profit private providers are governed by Boards of Directors, whose members are volunteers committed to assisting these agencies in carrying out their primary mission. Usually these agencies have paid staff, and are lead by an executive director who reports to the Board of Directors. Programs run by non-profit agencies are certified or authorized by the State, based on state and federal requirements, to meet the specialized needs of people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities are located throughout the State of New York.

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To find the non-profit provider located nearest to you, please see our State services map. Click on the county in which you are located and follow the links to the OMRDD Resource Guide.


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