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  Disability Issues (Environment)
  Environmental Protection
  Environmental Regulation
  Initiatives and Funding Programs
  Natural Disaster
  Natural Resources
 A logger has approached me about selling timber. What should I do?
 A logger has taken trees from my property without my permission. What should I do?
 Are there any public hearings/meetings about environmental issues taking place in my area?
 Can you tell me where and when you stock fish? stock pheasant?
 Do you have any information on Endangered Species?
 Do you have any information relating to deer?
 How can a woman learn how to appreciate the great outdoors?
 How can I get information on the environment for a school report?
 How can I learn about recycling?
 How can I plan ahead for next year's hunting trip?
 How do I contact a Forest Ranger or Environmental Conservation officer?
 How do I make reservations at state operated campgrounds?
 How do I obtain a sporting license?
 How is the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) involved in watersheds?
 I have squirrels (wildlife) making a nest in my attic. How do I get rid of them?
 I live in a rural area and have encountered coyotes on my property. How do I deal with them?
 I live near a farm and am concerned about run-off coming onto my property. Who can I call to have them look into this?
 I think I have a tree that is infested with the Asian Longhorned Beetle. How can I tell? Who do I call to confirm whether or not I do?
 I want to own an exotic animal. Do I need a special permit?
 I want to start composting. Where can I find information about residential composting?
 Is there any publication on New York's natural resources and outdoor recreation?
 My child is interested in attending a DEC environmental education camp next summer. Is there financial assistance available to cover all or part of the camp fee?
 The season for my favorite freshwater fish species is now closed. Can I still fish for them as long as I release the fish that I catch?
 What are some recreational opportunities in the Finger Lake's regions?
 What do I do if I see an injured or abandoned animal?
 What does the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) do for the New York City watershed?
 What is a Global Positioning System and how does it help New York State?
 What is the Adirondack Forest Preserve?
 What is the Catskill Forest Preserve?
 What is the Sea Level Rise Task Force?
 What kind of recreation is available on State Land?
 What numbers can I call to get information about freshwater fishing in New York State?
 When and where can I get a hunter education class?
 When is Earth Day? How did it come about?
 When is it legal to fish?
 Where can I find information about DEC’s Saratoga Tree Nursery?
 Where can I find information about environmental issues that affect my community?
 Where can I find information about invasive species in New York State?
 Where can I find information about the environment for my children?
 Where can I find information on freshwater fishing regulations?
 Where can I learn more about alternative energy sources?
 Who needs a fishing license and where can I get one? How much does a fishing license cost?
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