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  Workforce / Employment Information
 Are there special rules applicable to the employment of child performers?
 As an employer, can I appeal a determination regarding my liability under the Unemployment Insurance Law?
 Can anyone access information regarding a person's unemployment insurance claim?
 Can I advertise different types of jobs on one America's Job Bank job order?
 Can I appeal a former employee's claim for unemployment insurance benefits?
 Can I enter a Job Order with America's Job Bank (AJB) for more than one location?
 Can New York State help me find seasonal and/or full-time farm labor?
 Does a garment manufacturer have to register as an employer with New York State?
 Does New York State offer workplace safety consultations? How does it benefit small business?
 How can I learn more about hiring welfare recipients?
 How can I suggest ways to improve how the NYS Department of Labor does business with employers?
 How do I access the Workforce Development System in New York State?
 How do I ensure the questions on job applications are legal and acceptable?
 How do I get a job with the Thruway?
 How do I post a job opening in New York State to reach the largest group of applicants possible?
 How does an employer obtain a listing of governmental records regarding his/her violations of New York State Labor Law?
 How does an employer qualify to use America's Job Bank (AJB)?
 How does DOL determine which rate applies to a particular task for the payment of prevailing wage on a public work project?
 How does my organization obtain information on grant availability for workforce development and training programs?
 How much does it cost to use America's Job Bank (AJB)?
 I believe I'm being discriminated against at my place of employment, where can I go for help?
 I'm relocating my business to a new area. How do I get information on competitive wages for the jobs I have available?
 If I register with America's Job Bank, will job seekers see this registation and contact me directly for employment?
 What are the legal types and amounts of deductions that may be taken out of an employee's wages?
 What are the posting requirements required by New York State law and, as an employer, how can I obtain the required posters?
 What can I expect to find at a One-Stop Career Center?
 What can New York State do to assist welfare recipients in entering the workforce?
 What do the One-Stop System and one stop career centers offer to employers?
 What employment is considered 'covered' by Unemployment Insurance law in New York State?
 What hiring incentive programs are available to employers?
 What Human Resources consultation services are available from New York State?
 What if I need to recruit outside New York State for farm labor?
 What is the amount of compensation to be afforded employees with respect to the period between reporting time and 'clocking' time?
 What is the current minimum wage in New York State?
 What is the role of the Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB)?
 What is the role of the State Workforce Investment Board (SWIB)?
 What recruitment services are available in New York State for employers?
 What types of employment are minors permitted to perform?
 What types of welfare to work programs are available?
 When , where and how do I file a complaint with the New York State Division of Human Rights?
 When must overtime rates be paid to employees? What are overtime rates?
 Who must comply with the mandatory workplace safety and loss prevention consultation under Workers' Compensation Reform?
 Will I be fired when my employer discovers that I filed a complaint with the Division of Human Rights?
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