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  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  Business Licenses, Business Permits
  Business Taxes
  Contracting with New York State
  Economic Development
  Ending a Business
  Labor-Management Relations
  Lottery Information
  Minority and Women-Owned Businesses
  Not-For-Profit Organizations
  Professional Licensing
  Rules and Regulations
  Small Business Information
  Starting a Business
 Are there any grants or funding programs for agriculture related businesses and projects?
 Can property developers or entrepreneurs buy or lease land owned by the New York State Canal Corporation along the Canal?
 Does the government have any program to help me, as a veteran, get started in my own business?
 How can I contact my local chamber of commerce?
 How can I get help with the permitting apect of starting a business?
 How do I become a Lottery Retailer?
 How do I determine whether a corporate, limited partnership, or limited liability company name is available?
 How do I determine whether a limited liability partnership name is available?
 How long does it take to become a Lottery retailer?
 I am an employer. Where can I find information on my rights and obligations under the NYS workers compensation and disability benefits laws?
 I am establishing a corporation that is providing educational services. Do I need approval from the Education Department before filing a proposed corporate document with the Department of State?
 I am interested in starting a business along the Canal System. What type of business would compliment current activity on the Canal System?
 What are the requirements for selling food that is processed at home?
 What Human Resources consultation services are available from New York State?
 Where can I get information and forms to register as a lobbyist or an employer or client of a lobbyist?
 Where can I obtain information about starting or growing a business in New York?
 Where can I obtain my corporate seal?
  Tax Incentives
  Workforce / Employment Information
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