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 Am I protected by my automobile insurance when I drive a rental car?
 Are my auto insurance rates affected by where I live?
 Can I get E - ZPass for my business?
 Can I obtain a distinctive license plate that will display my veteran status?
 Can my automobile insurance company raise my premium due to an accident or traffic ticket?
 How can I file a complaint about an automobile repair shop, inspection station or dealer?
 How can I get personalized plates or custom plates for my vehicle?
 How do I file a No-Fault insurance claim?
 How do I get driver license records or vehicle records? How do I check a record?
 How much auto insurance must I carry?
 I am going to a broker to purchase an automobile insurance policy. What should I know or ask to make an informed decision?
 I purchased an automobile that I believe is a lemon – what are my rights?
 I was involved in an automobile accident and the police report provided a three digit code for the other party's insurer. How do I find out what company is represented by this code?
 I was involved in an automobile accident or loss. How do I submit a claim?
 Is information available to help families concerned about an elderly parent driving?
 Is my automobile insurance company allowed to automatically include my son/daughter on my policy?
 My automobile insurance company is rating me based on something (an accident or traffic ticket) that didn't happen. Where does this information come from and how can I correct any errors?
 My automobile insurance policy has been canceled. Can the company do this?
 My insurer says it won't renew my automobile insurance policy. What can I do?
 Under No-Fault insurance, what considerations are there if the vehicle involved is a motorcycle?
 What are the requirements for insurance coverage on automobiles registered in New York State?
 What discounts can I get on my automobile insurance?
 What do I do if expenses exceed the $50,000 available under No-Fault insurance?
 What happens if I am injured by an uninsured vehicle?
 What is an automobile insurance 'deductible' ?
 What is an insurance adjuster?
 What is the difference between 'cancellation' and 'non-renewal' of an automobile insurance policy?
 Who do I call if my vehicle needs to be towed from the Thruway? What do I do if my vehicle gets towed from the Thruway?
 Why am I in the 'assigned-risk' automobile insurance plan, why is it so expensive, and how do I get out of it?
 Why are automobile insurance rates higher for younger drivers?
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