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    Business Taxes
   Compute Penalty and Interest for Late Tax Payments
   Determine if an employee is located in NYC or Yonkers for tax purposes
   File your International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) Report Online
   Find Empire Zones Program Information
   Find Information on Upcoming Tax Department Outreach Events
   Find Tax Forms and Instructions
   Find the Current Combined State and Local Sales Tax Rate
   Locate Information about Ending a Business (Tax Department)
   Locate Information about Starting & Growing a Business (Tax Department)
   Locate your North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code
   New York City Business Tax Information
   See a Listing of Licensed and Registered Cigarette Tax Agents, Wholesale Dealers and Retail Dealers
   See the Menu of Online Services Available from the NYS Tax Department
   Tax Department - Contact Info
   Use the New York New Hire Reporting Application
   Use the One Stop Credentialing And Registration (OSCAR) Service
  Corporation Taxes
  Estate and Gift Taxes
  Income Taxes
  Property Taxes
  Sales Taxes
  Tax Appeals (Administrative Tax Proceedings)
  Tax Incentives
  Withholding Taxes
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