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  Licenses & Credentials > Driver License & Vehicle Registration
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  Animal Licensing
  Business Licenses, Business Permits
  Driver License & Vehicle Registration
 How can I get Department of Motor Vehicles forms and publications?
 How can I get personalized plates or custom plates for my vehicle?
 How can I renew my vehicle registration?
 How do I apply for my first driver license in New York State as a new driver?
 How do I change the name on a vehicle registration and title certificate? How do I transfer the ownership of a vehicle? How do I change the name on the registration documents and the title certificate of a vehicle to my name?
 How do I get driver license records or vehicle records? How do I check a record?
 How do I get information about fees for DMV transactions?
 How do I register a boat in NYS?
 How do I register my snowmobile in New York State?
 How do I renew a NYS driver license, learner permit or non-driver photo ID card? Can I renew when I am outside NYS or outside the US?
 How do I replace a vehicle registration sticker, a registration document or vehicle plates?
 How do I replace my NYS photo driver license, learner permit or non-driver photo ID card if it is lost, stolen or damaged?
 How do I replace the title certificate for my vehicle if it is lost, stolen or damaged?
 How do I schedule a road test?
 I applied to the DMV for a driver license, vehicle registration, vehicle plate, title certificate or other document, and I did not receive the document. What can I do?
 If I move to NYS, how do I get a NYS driver license and a vehicle registration?
 My driver license or my vehicle registration is suspended or revoked. How do I correct this?
 What are the requirements for insurance coverage on automobiles registered in New York State?
 What is the minimum driving age in New York State? What are the restrictions on younger drivers in NYS?
 When must I surrender vehicle plates to the DMV? How do I surrender vehicle plates?
 Where can I find information about the DMV driver violation point system?
 Where can I find the locations and hours of operation for Department of Motor Vehicles offices.
 Where can I get information about the new NYS Enhanced Driver License (EDL) and Enhanced Non-driver Photo ID Card for U.S. citizens that are NYS residents?
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