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    Affordable Housing
  Banking and Financial Services
 Are there any state programs that can assist me financially in building a new home?
 Do the State's housing agencies offer financial assistance to homebuyers who need help with closing costs?
 Does my local bank have information about the state's homeownership programs?
 Does the State offer any homeownership programs geared specifically toward low-income people?
 I believe my mortgage application was turned down by a bank because I 'm an African American. I believe I've been discriminated against. Where can I go for help?
 I understand the state has programs to help low-and moderate-income persons purchase a home. What type of financial assistance is available?
 I'm interested in purchasing a home, but many of the terms, like points, closing costs etc. are like a foreign language to me. Where can I go for help?
 The home I'm interested in buying needs renovation work. Are there state programs that provide financial assistance to low- and moderate-income persons, like myself?
 What are the current interest rates for state's mortgage assistance programs?
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