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 How can I find out about Medicare Supplemental Insurance (Medigap) policies and figure out which one is best?
 How can I learn more about Medicare and find answers to the many questions I have?
 I am having a problem with Medicare. Is there someone I can call for help?
 I understand the risk for some kinds of cancer, including breast and prostate cancer, increases with age. What are the major risk factors and how can I go about decreasing the risks?
 I was the oldest worker at my place of employment. I was recently fired because my boss thought I was too old for the job. He often showed a preference for younger workers. Is this age discrimination? If so, where can I go for help?
 I'm looking for senior housing and am finding several choices. What do I need to know to compare senior housing developments?
 Is assistance available for elderly victims of crime?
 Is help available for family members or others providing care for an older relative or friend?
 Is help available for seniors who need some assistance to remain living in their homes?
 Is information available to help families concerned about an elderly parent driving?
 Is there any information or assistance available for grandparents who are raising young grandchildren?
 My electric service been shut off in the dead of winter and it affects my heating. What should I do?
 My parents are frail and need to move out of their home, but they don't want to move away from where they are living now. What are their options?
 What additional health insurance will I need when I turn 65 and go under Medicare?
 What is a Medicare Health Maintenance Organization (HMO)?
 What programs and services are available for seniors?
 Where can an older worker or retiree find help to update his/her skills to get back into the workforce?
 Where can I find information on long term care to help me plan ahead should I ever become incapacitated?
 Where can I find statistics on the demographics and status of the older population and related reports?
 Where can I learn about alternative types of senior housing such as supportive housing with services and continuous care retirement communities?
 Where can I register a complaint about the care being provided a resident in a local nursing home?
 Where can retirees and others find information on volunteering some time helping seniors or on other volunteer opportunities for retirees?
 Who can I call to find help for my elderly parents?
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