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  Alcoholism / Substance Abuse Information
  Disability Issues (Health)
  Health Care Providers
  Health Insurance
  HIPAA - Health Ins. Portability & Accountability
  Illness or Condition
 Are there out-of-home residential opportunities available for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities?
 How are services developed for individuals with mental retardation and developmental disabilities who live in New York State, and how are they organized?
 How are services provided for people with mental retardation or developmental disabilities?
 How can I contact the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (OMRDD) directly?
 How do I learn about the diseases that are affecting New York's wildlife?
 How many people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities are being served in New York State?
 I am a veteran who has been determined to be legally blind. Does New York State offer any benefits for visually impaired veterans?
 I am disabled. Isn't my boss required to provide me a flexible work schedule as a reasonable accommodation?
 I believe I'm being discriminated against because of my disability. Where can I go for help?
 I heard that my diabetes may be related to Agent Orange exposure while I served in Vietnam. Will VA provide medical care or compensation for my diabetes?
 I understand the risk for some kinds of cancer, including breast and prostate cancer, increases with age. What are the major risk factors and how can I go about decreasing the risks?
 If I want to access services, am I limited to services provided by the State of New York, or are there other options?
 Must my health insurance plan pay for my diabetic supplies and self-management education?
 What are developmental disabilities?
 What do I have to do if I am interested in receiving services?
 What is a pre-existing condition and can it be excluded from my health coverage?
 What is OMRDD’s mission?
 What is the individualized service environment?
 What services are offered for people with mental retardation and developmental disabilities in New York State, and how can I find them?
 What services does New York State provide to those who are visually impaired?
 Where can I find information about communicable diseases such as chickenpox and rabies?
  Mental Health/Hygiene
  Patients Rights
  Staying Healthy / Wellness & Prevention
  Volunteering / Community Service (HEALTH)
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