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 Are there any State education benefits for the child of a seriously disabled veteran?
 As a veteran, do I have an advantage in obtaining employment?
 Can I obtain a distinctive license plate that will display my veteran status?
 Does New York State have a program for giving military veterans any special employment assistance in return for having served their country?
 Does the government have any program to help me, as a veteran, get started in my own business?
 How can I get help from VA in securing a home loan?
 I am a veteran of the United States military. How do I find out what benefits and services I am entitled to as a result of my service in the armed forces?
 I am a veteran who has been determined to be legally blind. Does New York State offer any benefits for visually impaired veterans?
 I am a Vietnam veteran and my GI Bill eligibility has expired. Does New York State have any program to help pay for my education?
 I am in the military and will soon be discharged. Does New York State have any programs to help pay for my education?
 I heard that my diabetes may be related to Agent Orange exposure while I served in Vietnam. Will VA provide medical care or compensation for my diabetes?
 My father served in Vietnam, and I was born with Spina Bifida. Will VA help me?
 My husband is a World War II veteran who left high school before graduating to enter the military. I recently heard that World War II veterans who did not graduate can now receive a high school diploma. How do you go about getting one?
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