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Question What can I do if I become aware of possible misconduct by an employee of New York State government, or someone with doing business with New York State?

Answer You should contact the Office of the State Inspector General. The Office of State Inspector General is responsible for rooting out corruption in New York State government. The Inspector General's Office has authority to investigate misconduct in all executive branch agencies, departments, divisions, offices, boards, commissions, public authorities and public benefit corporations -- any entity of state government that is headed by an appointee of the Governor. 'Corruption' is a term that encompasses a wide range of misconduct. In addition to criminal acts such as fraud, bribery and theft, corruption includes activities that constitute a conflict of interest or simply an abuse of office. If it looks wrong, it may be wrong, and therefore should be reported to the Inspector General's Office so it can reviewed and, if appropriate, investigated. By reporting misconduct to the Inspector General's Office, you will help to ensure that your tax dollars are spent honestly, and state employees meet the highest standards of integrity and accountability.

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