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Question Where can I find information about DEC’s Saratoga Tree Nursery?

Answer New York State established DEC’s Saratoga Tree Nursery in 1902 to help reverse the forest destruction caused by the state’s population boom and the growth of urban areas. All through the Twentieth Century, the nursery was a leader in educating the public in the use of modern forestry practices. For more than 100 years, the Saratoga Tree Nursery has been an integral part of forest stewardship on both public and private lands. Today, more than sixty percent of New York State is forested land. The Saratoga Tree Nursery is involved in many efforts to protect our environment. These include research to produce plants that are more resistant to disease and climate changes, participation in tree planting programs, and preserving forests that are the natural habitats for many species of wildlife. For more information, please visit the Saratoga Tree Nursery’s web page.

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DEC's Saratoga Tree Nursery

Information about the Saratoga Springs tree nursery

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