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Question What is the role of the Local Workforce Investment Board (LWIB)?

Answer Each of New York State’s 33 workforce investment areas has a LWIB that is empowered to set policy concerning the workforce development system in their local area. The LWIB’s duties include development of the local workforce development plan, selection of One-Stop Center operators, selection of service providers to youth, identification of the eligible providers of training services, development of budgets, program oversight, negotiation of performance measures, and establishing linkages between the system, economic development strategies and employers in the area. LWIB membership comprises representatives of: the business community (who form the majority of the board), local educational entities, labor organizations, community-based organizations, economic development agencies, and each of the One-Stop partners.

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Local Workforce Investment Boards in New York State

Information on membership of each of the State’s 33 Local Workforce Investment Boards, their Chairs, the local workforce investment areas of New York State, and local contact information.

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