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Question Does a garment manufacturer have to register as an employer with New York State?

Answer Garment industry manufacturers and contractors are required to register with the New York State Department of Labor. In addition, when a retailer works directly with a contractor to produce garments,which are sold in whole or in part outside the retail entity, the retailer is considered a manufacturer and must register.

The garment industry Registration Database is posted on the Department of Labor's website so that garment businesses can find out immediately whether their current and potential contractors are registered. The database contains the name and main address (branch locations are not included) of the contractor/manufacturer. A garment contractor that fails to register is breaking state law and is a sweatshop operation. Because a garment company that does business with sweatshops is subject to possible fines and prosecution, we recommend companies tell contractors that they expect them to comply with state and federal regulations as part of their contract.

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